“ Where there is comfort there is house gads. “

Comfort and luxurious household items are our priority, Home may be where the heart is—but it should also be where you keep a lot of other important stuff, too.

Even if preparedness isn’t your strong suit, there are certain home staples that any successful household should possess. From essential cleaning supplies to must-have kitchen equipment and beyond, here are items everyone should have at home—or at least plan on having some time in the near future.


Choose from our collections:

  • Extra soft hooded bathrobe
  • Housegads bathrobe shawl
  • Housegads door mats
  • Housegads kitchen glove with double kitchen towels
  • Housegads double hollow mat
  • Jumbo bath sheet

Our premium bathrobes are the ultimate in comfort and luxury. We have curated this clean-style, plush robe that resonates with comfort and style. The neutral undertones of the stylish microfiber outer shell are enhanced with a luxurious long-lasting finish.

          Maybe you are looking to organize your home and decorate it, maybe you are in search of peace and comfort for bathrobe shawls maybe you are worried about the fabrics of the bathrobe, maybe you are looking for safety gadgets for your kitchen, or maybe you are upset of budget, but HouseGADS is the pure solution.

We're dedicated to giving you the very best of products, with a focus on 100% original, quality products and the best price.

Our Mision:

We are striving to become a customer-centric company. We plan to concentrate on our customers' full consumer experience, beginning with buying premium goods at reasonable rates, timely delivery, and trouble-free return policies.

Customer Satisfaction:

HOUSEGADS believes in providing our customers not only value for money but also exceeding their expectations at all levels through our pre-and post-sales perspective. We aim to keep our customers up-to-date and in the loop so that, whether it's a query for an order or a tech update, we're going beyond our excellence to create the ultimate online shopping experience when using our e-commerce platform.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

 Our collection includes:

Extra Soft Hooded Bath Rob:

SOFT & PLUSH: Made with comfort in mind, this women's bathrobe is soft and gentle on the skin while being plush enough to provide the comfort you deserve anytime you want.

LUXURIOUS & FUNCTIONAL: Designed to look just as good as it makes you feel, our lightweight fleece robes are the ideal choice for wearing after a shower, relaxing at home, or a spa.

KEEPS YOU DRY: This large bathrobe is designed with a waist strap that safely keeps it in place while the absorbent fabric gently yet quickly absorbs water from your skin to get you warm and dry fast.

DURABLE BUILD: Our extra plush bathrobe is lightweight, cozy, and soft yet durable enough to maintain its plushness even after multiple washes making it ideal for everyday use.

EASY TO CARE: We made this women's fleece bathrobe to be just as easy to clean as it is to wear. Simply wash separately in cold water and tumble dry on low to maintain the softness of the robe.


Door mats provide you with a place to wipe dirt, grime, and moisture off of your shoes before walking inside. They can also help you decorate your entryway and welcome guests into your home


Welcome guests into your home with a brand new HOUSEGADS outdoor mat. Add a stylish touch to the entrance of your home with a HOUSEGADS door mat indoors and outdoors.

HouseGads Oven Gloves with Double Kitchen Towels:

 Safely grab pots and pans while preparing dinner in a hurry, or just bask in simple elegance every time you walk into your kitchen and see this decor. Perfect for indoor kitchen use or outdoor barbecue grilling and baking and others, these timeless pieces add a country-inspired charm to your mealtime. Made with simple sophistication, these pot holders are fashioned from premium 100% cotton.

They are available in a variety of colors and have diagonal stitching for a finished look. Simple care means that a machine wash and quick ironing are all you need to keep these kitchen tools looking amazing. These decorative kitchen oven gloves are a lovely way to add a little fashion and are a worthy investment for your home.

HouseGads Rubber Hollow Mat:

 Classic rubber doormats that are built to last. These mats won't slip or slide. They keep the dirt in check and your home clean. Suited for all areas. 


Ideal for use in homes, kitchen floors, offices, garages, bars, bathrooms or any place that experiences a lot of spills. Especially when used in high-traffic areas making it a great outdoor doormat.

Super Protection:

Excellent grip and nonslip protection. The drainage holes in these rubber floor mats make them well-suited to keep work areas clean and their grip and traction offer anti-slip protection.

Danger Free Home Décor:

Reduce the number of slippery liquids and oils left on the floor and prevent a dangerous accidents.

Jumbo Bath Sheet:

Dynamic Use:

These cotton towels and washcloths offer the perfect combination of softness and strength. Available in multiple sizes and colors.


Fade-resistant and durable, these towels are lightweight, and feature reinforced edges to prevent unraveling

100% Cotton:

Made of 100% spun cotton, the towels feature a looped terry weave for enhanced absorption and moisture retention.

Machine Washable:

Machine washable, these durable cotton towels stand up to daily use and frequent laundering.

 Simply call us or order online and have these amazing household items and storage solutions delivered to your home. Our Mission is to fulfil customers' shopping needs with high-quality products.

We are always looking to improve our service to customers and this means listening to what our customers want.